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Knowing is Everything

Knowing is Everything!

Magnum HR provides the services and tools you need to make sure your employees are performing at their best!

Sexual Harassment Training!  On-site, On-time, On-Budget.... click here!

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Let Magnum HR Help YOU!!

Eachyear, Employers pay out more than $125 Million to employees who filed harassment and discrimination suits. Add to that the cost of litigation, lost opportunity, less productive employees, and damaged customer relations, and you get the picture on just how serious workplace harassment can be.

We can help you avoid being one of these money-losing businesses.

Magnum HR is a full service company that provides Investigative and Training services designed to increase your profitability and performance, and decrease your liability.

Magnum HR helps you Find the Truth...

  • The Truth behind Sexual Harassment allegations
  • The Truth behind an applicant's work history and  qualifications
  •  The Truth behind a candidate's criminal record

 Magnum HR helps you Look Into The Future...

  • The Future Management Potential of your current  employees
  • The Future Fit Potential of new applicants
  • The Future Leadership Ability of your senior team to improve and grow your organization

 Magnum HR helps you increase your Workforce Profitability

  • Increased Profit through reduced liability
  • Increased Profit through improved leadership tools and resources
  • Increased Profit through increased employee ability

Magnum HR has the experience in Human Resources, Investigations, and Employee Development that you need to help your organization grow and succeed.

  •  Do you want to AVOID LAWSUITS?
  •  Do you want to HIRE RIGHT?
  •  Do you want to get the MOST PRODUCTIVITY from your staff?


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